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Frontwire Studios has an opening for a qualified Level Designers You will be responsible for working closely with the Lead Designer and the design team to develop multiple balanced and accessible subsystems and mechanics within the game. You will be generating technical specs while working with concept artists to visualize concepts to then interface with the production team to ensure that vision is realized within the game. You will collaborate with game artists and designers on level and asset creation to deliver exceptional play experiences to our audience. Emphasizing the "fun" factor of gaming will be your main focus. This individual will be a significant contributor to developing and fostering creativity across the design, art, engineering and test teams.

Your Focus:

· Responsible for developing level layouts, flow and balancing, within the limits specified by the game design and technical limits of the target
· Implement major game play features to high quality, focusing on creating and implementing level designs.
· Must have a clear understanding of and experience creating multiplayer/environment design, look and feel, AI, combat, strategy, game-flow, and balance.
· Participate in meetings, reviews, and planning as part of effective communication with the team.
· Contribute to build a collaborative environment with all disciplines, including art and engineering.
· Excellent English communication skills, both verbally and written, and have a proven track record in AAA game design
· Candidates must have passion for a broad range of game experiences, and be well versed in market trends and styles.

NOTE: This is a volunteer job. We are looking for someone that has some spare time and is commited to six/twelve month's worth of work.

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This listing is a full-time job

Active since 05-06-2016
Educational level Basis/Middelbaar onderwijs
Hours 1 - 40
Level Entry level/Graduate
Employment type Volunteer work
Salary N/A
Job category Engineering - Design
Industry / Industries Entertainment
Region United States

Contact information

Name Mihai Bocioroaga