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Let op! Sommige vacatures zijn mogelijk niet meer zichtbaar.

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Example of a bad job application:

Hello, my name is [REDACTED]. I am XX years old. I am not sure what I can do but I have a passion and love for Star Wars. I am a little experienced with coding and art and I am a quick learner. I have studied a lot about Star Wars. I love Star Wars and I feel like this is a great opportunity to get involved in something Star Wars themed. Thank you! (this has been adapted and modified without the author’s consent from an actual job application we have received.)

Why is it bad?
The sender of the job application is “not sure what [he] can do.” This is crucial as it shows that they are uncertain of what they can do, and probably do not have any more skill than the typical “idea-person.”

Being a quick learner does not grant you a job for us. If you would like to join us, please make sure you have at least experience in what their field of expertise of choice is.



We at Frontwire Studios would like to hire experienced people, ideally people that can’t just do one thing. This is exactly what Valve Corporation does with their hiring scheme.

How do we achieve this?
We will set strict regulations in order to limit people who just cannot do what we demand to apply to us.

Below is an example of a well-structured application, with enough detail for us to make a good decision, and not just a guess.

Hello! My name is [REDACTED]. I am a Game/Level Designer from the [REDACTED] currently residing in [REDACTED] and I heard about this awesome opportunity to work on Galaxy in Turmoil! Being not just a fan of the Star Wars franchise I am also an avid gamer and I have experience in many fields.

I have been working for two companies over the last few years and I am on my penultimate year in University.

I have experience in Unity, Maya, ZBrush, Substance Painter, Hammer, Hansoft and much more which you can check out on my portfolio website here: [REDACTED] Star Wars is a big part of my life as I grew up quite close to Skywalker Ranch and as I branched into Gaming I really wanted to work under the license. I am not here to make a game. Nor a good one. I am here to make an Experience. And the wealth of potential and the outstanding Star Wars Community along with the license of Star Wars would mean some amazing potential to learn and grow into something amazing!

I'd love to talk more about this project but if you want to contact me, you can email at my site or at my personal email: [REDACTED] I hope to talk to you soon!


The highlighted part of the application above is what we look for the most. All the other sweet words do increase your chance at landing your job here, as we are all humans reading your applications.


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